Wednesday, November 7, 2012

LCMS Pastors Behaving... "Musically."

One of the differences between Evangelicals and Lutherans is that while they sing "Fairest Lord Jesus," we sing "Beautiful Savior."  Same hymn, different translation.  At the end of the second stanza we sing "Jesus is purer, He makes our sorr'wing spirit sing."

Well I don't know if it's something they put in the water over at the seminaries, but apparently for those ordained in the LCMS, he makes the "sorr'wing spirit" play the banjo and rap.  Just for kicks, here's some samples of our leaders "gettin' their groove on," in the name of Jesus.

First up, we have the denominational President, the Extra Right Reverend Matthew Harrison contextualizing the gospel (southern, that is) for hillbillies with his banjo skills:

Second up, we have Reverend David Benke, President of the Atlantic District of the LCMS, to which our church belongs, showing off his Rap skills in his outreach to unite the hoodlums with the homeless.  Now I don't really care too much for rap, but the skit they do with his outfit is priceless.

And lastly, we have our very own, Rev. Ronald Stelzer, assisting the musicans of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Centereach, NY, by singing a few stanzas of "How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds."  Our congregation has become divided over the controversial issue of whether he makes it sound like a drinking song, or if he just sings it like a pirate.  Either way, he brings the jolly.  What do you think?


  1. Good stuff, Miguel!

    Thank you.

    Speaking of music...this may resonate more with you, than with me:


    1. Wow, that is a great analogy! I'd like to get permission to use that. Right up my alley :D