Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Me and few of my heroes...

Ok, the school year is just about finished.  We gave our end of the year concert tonight, and we have a half day tomorrow, and that's it.  I haven't written a thing since like February, but hopefully over the summer I will be able to resume a regular schedule of posts.

For today, I just wanted to point out the fact that yours truly is featured on one of my own very favorite youtube shows, "Worldview Everlasting."  The show was a major influence in my coming to understand what Lutherans believe, teach, and confess, and I am very grateful for the teaching of Reverend Fisk.  He issued a challenge for viewers to create their own introduction for his show, so I came up with something that was quite..., well, Lutheran, I suppose.  Here's the vid, with me on the organ at the intro.

I've also been blessed to meet in person two other people whom have had a big impact on my life through their teaching/writing:

Chaplain Mike is the main writer over at  I've been reading that blog since Spencer was the prophetic voice behind the curtain, and I think the Chaplain has done an outstanding job at keeping the open community of discussion/exchange of ideas going there, which is something that is tragically so lacking in the vast majority of churches.  While moving across the country (SoCal to Long Island) to take a new job, I was lucky to catch him for brunch as I was passing through Indiana.

The other person is Mike Horton.  His radio program, "the White Horse Inn," which I discovered through (a fantastic website, btw!) has really helped me to learn how to think more critically about my faith and how I understand the Bible.  He was in Manhattan for the Mockingbird conference a few months back and I had the privilege of dropping in for one of his talks.  Now that I have converted to Lutheranism, he is one of the few reformed voices I still listen to consistently.  Now if he would just argue with his radio co-hosts of different theological persuasions a bit more, then his show could get REALLY interesting.

...and no, he was not high on drugs.  This is potentially the worst shot he has ever posed for, but then again, if I had given the talk he just did, I'd probably be brain fried and look worse then that!


  1. I would include Issues Etc to these three great resources. I learned about each of these through IE.

  2. Yes! Absolutely. And I actually tried really hard for a chance to meet Todd Wilken when passing through St. Louis as we moved across the country, but we just couldn't make it to St. Louis by Sunday. Otherwise, I may have got a picture with him too.

  3. Totally saw the episode of WE and I had no idea that was you. Awesome job.