Monday, May 17, 2010

My Firstest Blog Post Ever!

Hey everybody!

Thanks for stopping by!

Well I finally did it. I started my own blog. This is my little venture into the world of self-publishing where I will attempt to express and organize that tornado of thoughts that is churning in my brain.

I hope you will find some of this interesting. It is my hope that this venue will serve to sharpen my skills of writing and critical thinking, as well as provide a forum for stimulating conversation and some occasional humor.

So feel free to leave comments, explore the site, and check out some of the links. I've linked several sights I've found well worth the time to read, as well as a whole slew of ministries who serve as excellent resources for worship and music ministry.

Stay tuned for new material! I don't tend to suffer from an extreme excess of free time, and so there is no guarantee as to the frequency of my posting. We shall see where this goes!



  1. I look forward to reading your thoughts Miguel. In Christ- Keith

  2. Great idea!Looking forward to reading it!